Shooting Clouds from Behind the Lines

teddy bear cloud behind barbed-wire chain-link fence

As I was leaving work a couple of weeks ago, I saw two impressive clouds. Even though I was really tired and ready to go home and crash, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass. If you’ve followed this blog for more than a few weeks, you probably know I have a fascination with clouds. Cannot explain it, but the right kind of cloud can just make me gawp and grasp at my camera.

So, I tossed my things in the car, put the Canon around my neck, and started walking.

large cloud behind telephone lines

These clouds were very big but also low-lying. Both had buildings and trees and telephone poles in front of their lower halves no matter which way I walked. After going on an hour of walking – in the heat, with long sleeves on (knew I should have washed clothes that weekend!) – I was exhausted and aggravated. Although I had gotten a few good shots, most were partly blocked by ground clutter.

Ultimately, that gave me this post’s title. If you can’t edit out the telephone lines – just make them a part of the story. (Teach them a lesson.)

After that first hour, I was ready to give up and start walking back to the car. I had reached a corner where I could look down a long stretch of road leading to train tracks. Telephone lines and buildings all the way. There was no way that I wanted to keep walking.

But – I felt that God was nudging me on further. Even aggravated, I still knew that he usually knows what he’s doing…so, I headed down the street.

storm cloud at railroad track crossing

clouds behind telephone lines, reflected in a puddle

storm cloud behind telephone lines in monochrome

Glad I kept walking. All told, I walked for two hours, and was really exhausted by the time I got back to the car. There are even better cloud pictures from that walk at “Yeah. Clouds.” and a few cactus shots at “Losing Light and Focus IV”. I will get at least one more post out of these before I’m through. Haven’t even posted the sunset shots. 8^). Definitely worth it.

storm clouds behind telephone lines in color


2 thoughts on “Shooting Clouds from Behind the Lines

    • I figured that out, about 75 minutes into my walk through the late afternoon heat, lol. And, one of my favorites shots of all of them is the featured one with all of the power lines. Certainly illustrates the title. 8^)

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