December 26

This is a reposting of my first blog entry, from…December 26, 2014. I’ve been blogging a year now. Still not quite sure what it should be, it’s a work-in-progress – just like me 8^).

Thank you for reading, however many posts you read, even if only one.

Though I Fall

December 25, Christmas Day, is a day.

That day marks the time we celebrate an event in the past. That event changed everything that was possible in mankind’s relationship to God. That event was the birth of Jesus – a gift for all mankind. Every person has been given this gift. But since he is the gift, only the ones who accept him can receive the gift. As long as there’s one present left, Christmas isn’t over. But once you accept the present of Jesus, you get the gift of salvation – all that he has done for you as the Prince of Peace.

Our separation from God in the Garden of Eden is where our brokenness began. You can never be whole, never have peace, until you are reconciled with the God who loves you, the God who formed you. Jesus came to reconcile us with God, his Father…

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