Jesus Dropped the Charges

Easter flowers

“Say Amen, Somebody” is a documentary about gospel music and some of its practitioners at the time of the film’s making in the early 1980’s. “Jesus Dropped the Charges” is a barnburner performed in the film by The O’Neal Twins.

You can find the lyrics here – but they end like this:

“At Calvary, I heard him say,
At Calvary, I heard him say,
At Calvary, I heard him say,
‘Case dismissed, case dismissed, saved by grace!'”

This was one of Mom’s favorite ones, and it was played both at her funeral and her memorial service, some months later. Still one of my favorites, although I would add one thing to it.

Jesus not only “dropped the charges” – but on the cross he served our death sentence for us. He didn’t “just” forgive us – in Hell, he paid the debt that we owed to the Father.

Maybe not a “typical” Easter song as such – but entirely appropriate. 8^).


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