Time Machine Lovers Among the Clovers (2014)





“– that one fine night with locusts on the fly – as if lovers in the sly,
we made honeymoon in the golden morn on dewy lawn…
and sunny noon – the lone gazebo by the lake…almost
we drown beneath these cricket-drenched fair evenings below these eaves
of pine – (and making dust-angels in the old lace-attic,
we’re under mouse’s gimlet eye, his tiny paws letting slip
— half-forgotten – his mid-night cheese).”

“Beshadowed on the windward side of the old manse, we sat, dawning —
besotted beneath gables holding hands – our hearts so filled
with sun and green – and chirp and hum – and Love and Spring
– we drink each other in with glee — for it had all been better far than sin  –   again  –  again.”


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