Don’t Let the Door Hit You, Winter!

(…though some of us will still miss you, snow.)

Later the next day, I could see where I had chased my tail in the middle of the night....

This is where I had been chasing my tail in the middle of the night. (No, they’re not Bigfoot’s tracks 8^p. )

We don’t get much snow or ice in South Carolina. At least that way we don’t take it for granted. People either panic or obsess over it. I won’t say that I obsess over it, but…I did go out at around 2 o’clock in the morning to take pictures of the 2 inches of snow that fell earlier in the night. This is from our first snow this year, back in January.

I was a little disappointed with what I got – being the first time to shoot snow at night with the new camera. But I missed out on some great shots a couple of winters ago, simply because I didn’t have a camera, and I didn’t want to totally miss out again…just because I didn’t know what i was doing 8^). It can be fun to have a camera and know just enough to get in trouble.

I’ll post a few of those nighttime shots next week after tweaking some of the color. These are a few of the ones I took later, during the day.




Deck the halls with frozen holly….


A winter spa for the birds – but with a view.


A nice snow can class up even a lot of scraggly ground cover.


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