One Thing That’s Wrong with Christians

Wildflowers by the tracks.

Wildflowers by the tracks.

(I thought about calling this, “What’s Wrong with Christians?” But, I decided it would take too long to write – and, that I would get far too many unwelcome suggestions….)

It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convict us of sin (1). It’s the kindness of the Lord that brings us to repentance (2). And we’re to be witnesses of that kindness and of his power, as its recipients (3).

Unfortunately, most of us Christians get it backward, preferring to be witnesses of conviction – convicting, sentencing, and condemning the world of its sin. Although this is only natural behavior, we have abundant Biblical instructions against just this sort of self-righteous mindset. (4)

Plus, Jesus said each person’s words either justify or condemn them (5). There’s no need of (or excuse for) condemning each other. We’re supposed to be telling the world about the kindness and forgiveness of God, of his unfailing goodness when we turn to him in repentance. But – we’d rather play Bad Cop. No wonder we drive people away from God.

This is not to say that we aren’t to talk about sin – but we should concentrate far more on being the hands and feet of Jesus in genuine humility. And we certainly aren’t called to be one giant index finger pointed solely at the world. Many in the world do seem to have a different giant finger for the God in which they claim not to believe…but Christians are called to overcome evil with good, not play dueling fingers.


1) John 16:8
2) Romans 2:4
3) Matthew 10:7 – 8
4) John 15:5; John 18:9 – 14; Ephesians 2:8 – 9
5) Matthew 12:37


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