haunting is the hurting

6433 monomoon


is the hurt that hounds, and


each of your days and
nights alone in the gaze
of those catlike eyes staring

wide open behind
their closed lids
for the rare times they
let you sleep, for they

slept themselves at times
or seasons for reasons
known only to God and,
perhaps, to them .


this house is no more haunted for they
like easy prey

and since others took you out
your open door, late
that horror night

this house your home
for so long
– as much as any on earth could
ever be
home –

is no more haunted, but
no more home.


a house haunted
by those who
hunted to hurt you

was my home and
can no more be
home –

now that you are


haunting is the hurting that hounds you –

haunting is the wound
that will not heal.


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