With his own words did the Word of God make all the worlds

Dogwood blossom


For all that we may deny Jesus is the Word of God, for all that we may deny that Jesus made the universe and all of the worlds therein through His own words –

and for all that we may not walk in the light of the knowledge of God’s Word – we cannot walk anywhere on this world without walking on and inside a manifestation of His spoken Word – and as a walking, breathing manifestation of His words ourselves.

He spoke our matter into being, he shaped the form of our body, and he breathed his life into us. He began a life process that continues to produce new humans through sex – but each individual is a breath that comes from God to fill each new body.

If we deny God, we deny the one who made us, we deny not only who and what we are – but even that we are.

He even sent his son Jesus to bring us back to him. And all God asks is for us to accept Jesus for who he is, and his Father as our own.


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